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Hello, I am Donna Hise; owner of 'donnasmusicqk'. I studied Classical Voice and Piano at Indiana University.  I received the Bachelor of Arts Organizational Management with Concentration in Music in March of 2008 and the Master of Arts Organizational Management with Concentration in Music from Ashford University January 2010.  My company and I are listed in Stanford Whos Who Blackbook and Cambridge Whos Who. I am currently studying for the doctorate of Organizational Management at Capella University. My dissertation concerns the incorporation of donnasmusicqk as nonprofit or for profit as environmental influences suggest and as the Spirit of the Lord leads me. My inspiration is God. He guides my life. My cherished scripture is Psalm 23. God blessed me to have my video "I Surrender all" featured at BET Sunday Best Casting.com Seasons 2 and 3 and to audition live at the Chicago Regency. How can I express the joy and the amazing experience? Thank you my Savior. I began donnasmusicqk for family and friends at home while I studied for the Bachelor of Arts Music. My parents have since passed away though I wish they could have been with me to see how much the Lord has blessed me. I know my Heavenly Father holds them close in his divine power even as I write this message. Thank you. My Gospel inspiration comes from Gospel Vocalist CeCe Winans whose voice is like the voice of an angel straight from heaven. She saved my soul with the sound of her voice. Her personal interviews depict her gentle grace and beauty which exudes God. If I can do even half as much I will have received the greatest gift. For anyone who has ever wanted to hear a kind  word, for those who are lost, for those who know salvation and those who desire salvation, to be closer to God, God is the reason for donnasmusicqk. I know he's real and he's always there. The Spirit of the Lord is Here. - deejaniccaG.(djG)

My God ,How Do I Know God is Real?- deejaniccaG.


I Surrender All (BET Sunday Best)


  SEASON  2 and 3 

 "Jesus Loves Me" at YouTube/donnasmusicqk

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